There is a complicated narrative around the disabled, one that denies our ability to be productive while paradoxically demanding that we prove our worth through productivity. I believe that people are worthy no matter what they produce or do not produce, and that some of those we hail as the most productive are in fact doing terrible harm to themselves and others. At the same time, I have a desire to act, to produce things like this blog which bring me satisfaction and may prove helpful to others.

My purpose as a disabled writer is not to encourage the terrible “I will work harder” attitude which is such a burden to abled and disabled alike. Rather, I hope to encourage acceptance and provide useful advice for managing both desired tasks and the difficulties of disability.

The point is not to become a facsimile of an abled person. The point is to do those things which are truly enjoyable, energizing, and/or rewarding, while staying aware of our needs and yes, desires.

2 thoughts on “Productive and Disabled

  1. Ana Lúcia Braz Dias says:

    I like your perspective. I think it is very needed in our society. Many people are suffering with the pressure to be productive. Not all people are the same. Also agree that you cannot do (just) anything.

    • Thank you for your comment! I like how you emphasized that not all people are the same. Even outside of disability, we all have different capabilities and resources that affect our productivity levels.

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